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Social Roles Essay

Society has advanced regarding technology and communication, but one thing that has not changed in this advancement is the traditional concept of binary roles of males and females. There are several examples in our daily life which can show that even being educated the idea that women would be a male member along to fulfill specific responsibilities. For instance, driving is considered a male thing until recently female drivers have stepped in as drivers. Even though there are several female drivers, but still there is a notion that females cannot drive well. If there is a joke or troll against driving it is mostly about women driving skills. Also, there are certain cars that are less bulky and easy to operate that are dedicated to female drivers. The roles are established since childhood where men are considered responsible and females delicate. Even while making important decisions about lives, property, and other matters the opinion of women is not viewed as valuable as they are thought of as emotional and irrational. This notion might have changed a bit since the movements regarding equality, but most of it is still there. Even females believe it is okay and they have internalized that to feel powerful and safe they need a male companion whether it is a father, brother, friend, or husband. Even during a fight females approach their brothers or other male members because it is internalized that males have more power and can fight for them. Male are held responsible for most things and considered as guardians for their siblings in their childhood even in most educated families, and the chain of male dominance goes on.



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