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Social Darwinism Essay

The social theory of natural selection known as social Darwinism Charles Darwin. This theory applies to the society of humans. The theory is a belief and in the Victorian Era, it became popular in England and America. In the 19th century, Herbert Spencer put forward the theory of social Darwinism which means that people apply narrow interpretations of distorted and narrow concepts to justify the selection of the cultural system in which humans are living. The popularity of social Darwinism lost its importance after World War II. This theory emphasizes human evolution and development by natural selection. This theory is used by people to support and defend racism, inequality, and imperialism. It has no tendency for politics but still, it was widely used for all the human degradation and declared that social progress is inevitable.

Social Darwinism promotes competition in which men believe that they have to compete with others in order to survive. While doing so, they don’t have to give anything to the poor but rather create opportunities for everyone so that they can survive. The other thing promoted by Social Darwinism is Eugenics, the belief that the physical characteristics of humans are significant and the human brain has the same set of principles. The third thing is Racism which promotes the concept of the superiority of one race over another. Those who believed in social Darwinism were in the favor of white race superiority over other races and that they should educate others (Zwolinski, 5).

Conclusively, social Darwinism already existed in the minds of people and still many people believe in one’s superiority over others which gives birth to racism and inequality. In my opinion, the theory is never linked with politics nor contains any affiliation of political position. People just used this theory in order to reinforce their own materialistic nature.

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