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Snap Judgment Essay

In Psychology, a snap judgment is a decision that a person makes in an instant, without any conscious consideration. Such judgments are made by the unconscious traits of one’s mind, which are not in control of one’s voluntary actions. These judgments are often termed “gut feelings” or “intuition.” These decisions are quick and require no effort. However, they may have some drawbacks in the future due to a lack of reasoning (Gluszek & Dovidio, 2010). It is these snap judgments that are also responsible for making a person’s first impression of somebody. These unconscious decisions decide whether one should like or dislike someone.

I, too, have made many snap judgments. The most recent snap judgment I made was about a young man I met during a family union. He was a distant relative. What made him stand out in the crowd was his confident stance and the way he interacted with the elders of my family. My intuition about him was that he was a self-assured person and that I would like to know him well in the future. This snap judgment proved to be beneficial as I later got to be friends with him. He is four years my senior and often gives me advice on different career options.

I have numerous experiences with reflective thinking. Recently, I wrote an essay on the prospects of social media. This issue required my careful consideration. Social media is a revolution in modern times. However, there are as many pros as there are cons. I had to evaluate every advantage and disadvantage of social media, and how they can affect its future. This process gave me insight into the benefits and hazards of social media, child pornography, and hiring online hit men through the Dark Web being examples of the latter, which we simply ignore only to interact with each other. If I had not done reflective thinking on this issue, I might have remained neglectful of the plight of many, through social media networks.


Gluszek, A., & Dovidio, J. F. (2010). The way they speak: A social psychological perspective on the stigma of nonnative accents in communication. Personality and Social Psychology Review.



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