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Six Steps of the Transformational Leadership Communication Cycle



Consider your audience

Ms. Malloy might need to reexamine who she has emailed, as Mr. Ruiz is a supervisor to both Ms. Malloy and Mr. Smith. She should consider a neutral person in the hierarchy such as an HR representative. All three people involved in the given case are in executive positions; therefore, the tone of the email should not be accusatory or threatening.

Communication form

Ms. Malloy has been using the company email for personal use, she should have talked to the HR personnel explaining the context of the situation as such details can not be well structured in an email. An email with evidence of her threatening the company will do her no credit when the situation is addressed and an amicable solution is sought.

When and where should you communicate?

This is a professional problem based on a personal situation, the right approach would be to email the concerned superior asking for a meeting time. Ms. Malloy should include information regarding her availability during work hours making it easier for the person in the superior position to decide on an appropriate meeting time.

What was the impact of your communication?

Ms. Malloy received negative feedback from her supervisor, which means that the email was ill-received and Mr. Smith who met one-on-one with the supervisor was probably able to explain his side of the story better. A threatening email would aggravate the situation and the actual issue might be sidelined.
Analyze/ Learn/ Change

Inquire, research, edit

Failed relationships at work are common even though HR departments have outlined policies addressing them. Ms. Malloy should seek an online blog or group that may help her rephrase her communication. She can also research how to communicate sensitive matters, where you are also at fault; as both of them used work email for personal correspondence.

Positive change

It is important to take ownership of your part of the situation, in this case, Ms. Malloy should take responsibility for using the work email for personal correspondence. However, this also does not mean that Mr. Smith is without fault. If a relationship is not working there are mature ways to address it rather than harassing someone’s work through their work email.




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