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Simplicity In Life

Simplicity is one virtue that everyone must strive to cultivate. Plato once alluded that simplicity is the rhythm of life. Another great philosopher also said that we insist on complicating life. We, therefore, can live a simple life. Hence, the purpose of this paper is twofold: to discuss the methods and disadvantages of simplicity.

Methods Of Simplicity

First, one must remember that simplicity is a voluntary choice. You have to decide that you are going to do everything it takes to simplify your life. After that, there are four basic steps to follow. Begin by eliminating all clutter. That leads you to the second step, which entails becoming organized. The third step is to review your relationships, and the final step is to slow down all aspects of life.

To eliminate clutter, you have to define what is necessary and what is not required. After identifying the vital stuff, discard every other thing. Clean your kitchen and living room first. Your wardrobe is another area you need to clean by donating all the clothes you no longer need. The other method is to downsize and avoid the impulsive purchase of items that you don’t need.

After eliminating clutter, you need to get organized. Plan your tasks based on a scale of preference. Budget your finances appropriately. Also, prepare simple meals. Review your relationships, spending more time with the people you like and saying ‘no’ to the ones you don’t. Alone time is quite precious, so you should also try to spend a lot of time alone. Finally, slow down on everything, including social media.


Focusing on the meaningful stuff makes life simple but poses a few disadvantages. It might deride your social wealth since you have little time to entertain your friends. You also hardly have anything to donate. You might even get distressed.



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