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Gun control refers to the stricter regulation of firearms regarding ownership, possession and acquiring. Many groups advocate and campaign for gun control whereas there are others who oppose and stand against gun control. Both teams have their point of view and perception on the move on gun legislation. This has bred a duel and debate over the years between the two sides with each arguing in support of its grounds. This essay will explore reasons as to why it is necessary to implement the gun control policy.

To begin with, possession of a gun a gun can be dangerous and risky. Lives are put on a vulnerable spot with more injuries and deaths being attached to gun attacks. The availability of firearms is likely to increase cases of homicides where people execute the mass murder. Law legislation is also in support of gun control. In the US, there is the most debated section of their federal laws known as the Second Amendment. The amendment is seen controversial as if in support or opposition of gun control proposition. It states that the rights of US citizens on acquiring and ownership of firearms should not be infringed in a well-regulated militia (Andres & Hempstead, 95-103).

In the recent past, there has been an extensive spread link and connection between possession of guns and suicidal cases. According to research studies, it has been concluded that people tend to commit suicide in a spur of the moment. The decisions to take out one’s life is not rational. This means that the absence of a gun at a person’s disposal can make the whole difference between life and death the moment a person gets suicidal thoughts. Most of the mass murders, terror attacks, and massacres are executed using guns. There have been reported cases of mass murders where rogue gun holders go on a shooting spree in public places killing dozens of people. Such people tend to kill themselves after such acts (Andres & Hempstead, 95-103).

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