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Should News Shows Talk About Celebrities

News shows play a fundamental role in disseminating relevant and needful information to the public. It is one of the platforms from which so many celebrities have emerged. They gain much attention from the public during and after the shows, steering the public to learn more about them. The talks about celebrities have, on the other hand, earned the news desks bonus in the number of viewers that their dependence on one another has almost become mutual.

To begin with, most celebrities have gained fame from news shows, as well as other media platforms. They appear on our screens and newspapers for the first time as news because of what they have done or said and what they have gained in return, which is interesting, commendable, or reputable in relation to morals. For instance, artists like Celine Deon made their way to fame and publicity from news talks as she was first presented to us a young girl who inspired people by his perfected musical skills at a tender age. She was known all over her country and soon news about her earned her international fame. We continue to follow their lifestyle and social trends, among other things, concerning their lives, especially from news shows. Hence, the news show talks should continue to even come up with more celebrities and appreciate the already existing ones. Interview often by a news anchor. More talks about celebrities should be done to develop more talents among the public.

Moreover, the media nourishes the fame of celebrities. Celebrities, though not all of them, use the media to advertise and promote themselves to the public. Singing celebrities promote their new or upcoming albums through the media. They appear in the news to unleash their new pieces of work. Political rallies are all aired on television, and we see and hear from political celebrities urging the public to vote for them. What we say about the celebrities, that which they say concerning themselves and their fellow celebrities, are all presented to us from the show talks. In return their popularity rises to yet a new level or sometimes brought down when they are critised and rebuked over certain things they did which were not acceptable in the society. In doing this, the news shows and talks promoted themselves and the celebrities at the same time.

News shows talk about celebrities, which promotes morality in society. They present us with celebrities and detailed information about who they are and their impact on our community. As a matter of fact, the news shows talking about celebrities would enlighten us about what is going on where and bring us closer to our celebrities than ever before. They should therefore talk more and more about celebrities as they are such an outrageous factor in influencing the whole society. Celebrities are very important in the community, and they should be given time in our media. They should be talked about since they are an encouragement and source of inspiration for some members of society.



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