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The essay I wrote this summer focused on the aspect of gentrification and its application to society. Also, the research emphasized the impacts of gentrification on three classes of people in the community. I established that whereas the rich remained comfortable due to this act imposed by the government, the poor and the middle class remained in a disadvantageous position. Furthermore, I realized that the process has some advantages and disadvantages. However, they varied depending on the societal class one belonged to.

Over the course of writing this essay, I realized that I have many strengths and weaknesses. One of the most significant advantages that I am proud of is my research ability. This made it a lot easier for me to make the first draft and write the paper efficiently. One of the aspects that facilitated this was the availability of Books in the Library and a vast array of resources on the internet that made information readily available. Using the research and essay writing mechanisms that we learned in class, I obtained relevant information and arranged it in a manner that fit this essay. I first gathered information about the basics of renovation and then explored facts related to it.

To present my facts in a concise, accessible, and understandable manner, I chose to use the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. One advantage of this format over the others is that it enables the presentation of facts in a transparent manner. In-text citations lead the reader to the source and the page number, respectively. To enhance the structure of the essay, I started with the thesis statement, where I described a summary of the main point. It was followed by an introduction, in which necessary information about Gentrification and its effects on society was covered. I also used previous studies on this topic to complete this part. The body of the research contained the analysis and explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of gentrification. It’s also at this point that the effects of the same on society are covered. Finally, the conclusion was the last part of the essay, giving my reflection and recommendation on the article.

To prove my experience and exposure to the topic of the essay, I applied the use of different sources that I discovered relevant to the problem. The first one, done by Dashka (2007) was relevant as it provided necessary information about the research and provided an overview of past experiences of the same. In Atkinson R’s (2000) journal, I discovered different societal problems associated with gentrification and how it created a wide gap between the rich and the poor. The other resources supplemented the research in several aspects.

While learning about the challenges and effects gentrification has on society, I discovered that the two variables have a closer connection that needs to be explored in depth. This required the exploration of further resources, and therefore, having multiple resources was mandatory. One of the challenges I faced was balancing the information from the mentioned sources. Some aspects of the research were explained in a specific manner that required a lot of time to handle them. Furthermore, it took a lot of time to extract relevant information from the particular sources, as mentioned above. Such called for a lot of concentration. Above all, the information obtained from each source was relevant and helpful and helped build the concept and ideas for this research.


I received positive comments from my peers about the research. Some of my peers were comfortable with my bringing up this idea since it was one of the factors that affected society. The majority of the students had undergone this process and were affected. However, some students felt that I should have explored the same in detail.



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