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The recent era of advanced technology has established a powerful and mighty realm of robotics and smart devices based on artificial intelligence AI. In turn, this augmentation of technology and scientific equipment provides society with a preamble of various modern and scientifically enhanced products and inventions; self-driving cars are one of such scientific privileges. Evidently, it is a safe way to drive on one’s desired destination and therefore in new century society looking forward to changing their lifestyle by adopting self-driving, robotically autonomous cars. People believe that it will change their lives for the better. However, the pace of adaptation is not that much rapid, and it is anticipated that it will take several years before human drivers will become a thing of past. Regardless of its efficacy, several people fear to drive an autonomous car, but despite anything, it is imperative to consider the positive aspects of self-driving cars and their impact in changing the world.
Self-driving cars become the common sight on the streets of different cities including California and Silicon Valley. Phenomenally, the implication of autonomous vehicles is mitigating the risk of road accidents as well. As the matter of fact; most of the road accidents are caused by the mistakes of drivers, and in some conditions, it is also observed that several of drivers are drunk or are not well-versed with the art of driving. In such cases, the most underlying advantage of such cars is the enticed safety that allows a less hazardous and perilous drive and could save the lives of many. It is also an efficient technology for the novice drivers who fear to drive on rush roads or find it difficult to track the complicated streets and area maps.
Along with safety and tracking facilities; self-driving cars are also environmental friendly; such vehicles are fuel efficient and emit less carbon that in turn protects the atmosphere from vehicle-based pollution. Evidently, conventional cars emit tons of carbon dioxide that are gradually damaging the ozone layer and polluting the planet. Therefore, autonomous cars are the most useful and pragmatic solution to partake in the greenness of environment. On the other hand, self-driving cars are not only efficient for earth and environment rather they are competent to save the cost of overall fuel consumption as well. Unlike conventional vehicles; self-driving vehicles do not require a considerable amount of maintenance and fuel etcetera.
However many of people do not agree with the efficacy of self-driving cars as they percept that robotics cars are not smart enough to tackle the matter of law and order and therefore can cause the chaos. Nevertheless, this is not entirely true because autonomous vehicles are computerized and can be easily programmed according to acceptable norms and requirements. Moreover, automated programming allows such cars to determine the sufficient distance from other cars and other properties as well. Further, computers are not subject to be distracted by any factor as a human driver does and this feature assists to decreases the accidents ratio in the United States currently.
Presently, a few states of United States are working to promote self-driving cars, and it is expected that in prospect future scope of its usage will boost swiftly. By analyzing the endless advantages of these robotics marvels, it is apparent that in the coming year’s autonomous cars will overtake the place of conventional vehicles because of its smart technology and myriad of features that are useful in saving lives and making them more comfortable; greenly.



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