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Self-Determination Among Children With Disabilities

Self-determination is an important issue among children with disabilities. According to the article, the problem which young children with disability face is related to self-esteem. These children tend not to believe in themselves and doubt everything they do. Their inability to do things usually has affected their self-esteem. As such, these children are affected emotionally to a point where their self-determination falls low. These children can, however, be supported to improve their self-determination. There is a need to change our culture to accommodate these children by providing the right support. Supporting such children at home by allowing them to make decisions. Supporting self-esteem at home helps these children to improve their self-determination. Their behaviour should additionally be supported right at home to develop a culture of self-determination.

In the video, the author talks about the issue of inclusive culture as a means of helping children with disability. The author notes that school culture has been designed to segregate children with disabilities by pulling them out of specialized schools. Some of these children could still cope in these schools, but no one usually gives them a chance. The author notes that segregating these children affects them emotionally, which could be reflected in their entire lives. There is a need to develop an inclusive culture in schools which will appreciate the diversity of children. Creating this culture can make the children feel appreciated, which could be reflected in their learning and eventual cognitive development.

Children want to learn different things in the future, and providing the right environment to shape their ideas is crucial. It is the role of the parents and that of society to create an inclusive culture that will promote self-determination among children. Children with high self-esteem always try to exploit any opportunity that comes their way.



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