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Self Assessment of Research Work

The topic of my research paper is aimed at exploring the views of proponents and opponents of making physical education mandatory for high school students. The advocates of this idea put forth the health benefits of physical education along with its positive impact on cognitive, emotional, and social development which ultimately leads to improved academics and fruitful social relations (Malina, Bouchard, & Bar-Or, 2004; Talbot, 2001). Whereas, the objectors argue it to be an optional subject due to its adverse effects in the form of negative body image, increased bullying, and decreased self-esteem (Jiménez-Barbero, et al., 2019; Parr, 2019).

From my research work, I am most proud of the second paragraph that starts on the first page. Beginning with an appropriate topic sentence, the paragraph continues to provide details of the health-related benefits of physical education and concludes on the same note. While writing this paragraph I was able to explore the history of this idea that dates back to the seventeenth century. It also helped me shape the argument well since it is one of the central arguments for the proponents of physical education and it not only discusses bodily health but also sheds light on the positive psychological outcomes.

The paragraph that I am least satisfied with is the first paragraph on page three. The topic sentence does not highlight the theme of the paragraph i.e., athletic supremacy and self-esteem. I feel that the idea is not explored in detail and it requires addition through further reading to provide a clear notion for the readers. Moreover, the paragraph is concluded abruptly without consolidating the argument.

Overall, I enjoyed writing this paper although it was a bit challenging in terms of finding the appropriate references. After compiling the first draft, I edited it to structure the paragraphs and ensure that it presents a coherent argument for both sides. Although some ideas can be explored further for adding details, still I am quite pleased with the overall effort put in to write this paper.


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