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Securities Law and Anti-trust Law

Since it was enacted in 1933, the Security Act has done a tremendous job in safeguarding the sale and purchasing of shares and securities in the country. According to this act, any person or entity selling shares must provide the buyer with accurate information on the stocks on sale. At the same time, all the share transactions must be registered for them to receive the recognition that they deserve. Having said this, it is essential to acknowledge that the decision of the private university to sell its shares must be registered. That is what the law requires to be done at all times. Although it is a private entity, the university has no choice rather than complying with all the regulations governing the sale of shares in the country. The university has to meet the mandatory requirement of registering the offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Otherwise, if it goes ahead to sell the shares without registration, it can be considered to have breached the law.


In the USA, there is a free market economy. Meaning, any business is free to enter and leave the market at will. The nature of the market has necessitated a competition between the firms which offer a substitute and complementary products.  However, to promote healthy competition in the market, all the businesses must adhere to the United States Anti-Trust Law which stipulates that all companies must compete favorably at all times. With that point in mind, I would like to express that the attempted merger between T-Mobile and AT&T was in a violation of the Anti-Trust Laws. The government was justified to intervene and thwart the acquisition because it would pose an unhealthy competition in the market. T-Mobile and AT&T were some of the established companies which were already enjoying a substantial share of the market. Any attempt to merge them and form on the large company would be unfair to other small and established firms in the same industry.



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