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Scientific Inquiry as the Foundation of Nursing Practice

Nursing research comprises a wide range of scientific inquiries such as nursing education research, health systems and outcomes research, and clinical research. Nursing education research focuses on strategies for improving educational strategies to prepare scientists and clinicians in the nursing profession. Health systems and outcomes research assess the quality, availability, and costs of methods and healthcare services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical practice. Clinical research emphasizes the behaviors, biological and other forms of investigations, and provides the scientific background for care for individuals of all ages in any healthcare setting where care is delivered. Therefore, scientific inquiry is considered the foundation of nursing practice because it generates knowledge for clinical practice, controlling diseases, and eliminating symptoms resulting from illness, and restoring health.

Relationship between Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

The evidence-based practice focuses on quality improvement data and research findings as well as another form of data evaluation. One of the most important new things I learned about the relationship between EBP and nursing research is that EBP is used to close the research being performed and the practice. EBPs challenge nurses and other health care professionals to look at the “why” behind existing processes and processes in search of improvement.

Influence of Martian’s Perspective on Nursing Research and Nursing Practice

Martian’s thinking that there cannot be a holistic understanding of science without practicing significantly impacts nursing research and nursing practice. Practicing nursing research helps in developing treatments that offer the most optimal level of care and implementing new changes in lifelong care. Besides, understanding knowledge use in daily nursing practice is essential in the improvement of quality healthcare and educational preparation.


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