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Rural and Urban populations of Switzerland and Afghanistan

An understanding of the nature of the population is imperative since it enables the government to plan and improve the welfare of the population. The population can shift due to some reasons. Some of them include migration, which can be either internal or external. The rural population is the number of people living in the rural setup. The statistical offices set such a level making it possible to create projections in various instances. A comparison of Afghanistan and Switzerland is key (Latest News, n.d.). According to the findings collected in 2015, the rural population regarding the total population stood at 72.87 percent. The highest level was achieved in 1960, which recorded 91.78 percent. On the contrary, Switzerland presented a value of 2.1 Million in 2006. The population 56 years ago was the maximum and recorded close to 2.7 million. The minimum population was evident in 1991 with a value close to 1.7 million.

The urban population also denotes the number of people living in urban areas. Most of these individuals seek certain aspects of life, such as education, making it feasible to stay in such a setup. Moreover, employment opportunities most exist in such an environment, making it imperative to have the individuals in such areas. In 2015, the population in Afghanistan stood at a value close to 27 percent (UNPD, n.d.). The value is not high making it appropriate for the nation to have a positive impact on its growth indicators. The urban population in Switzerland was at 73 percent according to the 2016 statistics. The urban population is high and is likely to affect negatively on key aspects such as agriculture, which also plays a crucial role in the growth of the economy. In fact, such an activity is one the backbones in every economy, and there is need to embrace it on most occasions.


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