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Role Of Information Technology In Healthcare System

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With the increased use of information technology in the healthcare system, unauthorized access to health information occurs more frequently, where many hospitals/clinics have computers in hallways and patient rooms as opposed to only behind the front desk. Data breaches in the healthcare system have grown in both frequency and size, with the largest unauthorized access to health information affecting about 80 million people in the United States (Patil & Seshadri, 2014). Unauthorized access to healthcare information often exposes sensitive information from personally identifiable information such as patient’s medical histories, health insurance information, addresses sensitive to health data, names, and social security numbers.

According to the American Nursing Informatics Association (2015), the major cause of data breaches in the healthcare industry is human error. Most of these errors that lead to data breaches appear to be accidental, such as improper release of papers or misdirected faxes. Another cause of increased unauthorized access to health information is poor healthcare IT security. Healthcare organizations lag behind in building secure architecture compared to many other industries. Besides, the widespread use of electronic health records (EHRs) is another cause of data breaches.

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Since the publication of the Institute of Medicine, patient safety has always been a major concern. The need for a safer healthcare system includes implementing security in various forms of information technology, such as EHRs. Many errors and unintentional consequences have evolved with the increasing use of new technology. Studies have indicated many concerns related to EHRs regarding patient safety (Gabriel et al., 2018).

Patient safety is a common goal for many healthcare systems. As a nursing student, I intend to become a future nursing informatics specialist, where I will be able to communicate, interpret, and manage patient information that comes in and out of the facility. Nurse informatics plays a crucial role in ensuring safety events of health information have been addressed (Rupp, 2014). Acquiring competencies and skills in nursing informatics will help me to identify possible incidences of data breaches and how to solve them when they arise.


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