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During marketing of products, different stores use different methods of advertisements. Similarly, different customers understand the targeted adverts differently. Some of the methods used by marketers are by the use of infographics. Infographics can be said to be graphics or illustrations which communicate information visually. They are vital during the marketing of products or services since they deliver information to the targeted precisely and quickly. The use of these infographics has been used by different firms like John Lewis stores. The stores of John Lewis mainly deal with retailing of electronic commodities from television, mobile phones to even electric households, clothes among other specialties. Therefore, the below article aims to reveal how infographics in John Lewis stores demonstrates the moves of a customer in the market segment of retail. Firstly the paper has created a report on the demographics of the customer which includes their gender, age, and income. After that, it has also touched on psychographics which provides for secondary factors including preferences and personality type of the customer. Lastly, the article has made a report on the behavior of the customer which includes involved sports, hobbies, likes, and dislikes which will help in the formulation of the infographics. The last part of the paper consists of made infographics which are accompanied by an explanation

Explanation of the Customers Journey

Just as explained above, there is a variation on a cluster of the customer profile. This includes primary, secondary and tertiary features. For example for the primary needs, it can depend on gender and age, secondary depending on preferences and personalities while on the tertiary depending on factors like sports and hobbies. However, the main aim of every marketer is to every potential customer. Therefore making this to happen one has to have a systematic way of winning these customers, and it is through an understanding of the customer’s journey. The customer journey is the systematic guidance of customer from the creation of awareness which creates interest in the product to the client to making the customer purchase the commodities and having the anxiety of re-purchase. In some instance, creation and poor understanding of customer journey can lead to “customer-grave.” Therefore, to avoid such cases, it is important to have supportive data and ensure that one identifies and understands strong elements of the customer and the areas which need to get improved.

Identification of Elements of the Customer Journey

The company of John Lewis has tried to maintain its standards of the customer journey. This is whereby it has given a clear outline to the customer on how to search on products till they make their purchase. Since it is an online purchase company, it needs a lot of care in guiding its customers and winning their surety those commodities will be delivered. Therefore below are some of the elements highlighted by the company’s customer journey.


Above all, the company offers to its customers the chance to search for their preferred commodities. Firstly this makes work easier for their customers. In addition to that much of scrolling causes the action to look dull in which can be a factor in chasing potential customer from buying commodities (Lemon, 2016). Using this strategy the company has been capable of making many sales than the companies even in some cases making much worthy that of the producers of the products. In addition to that according to research it is evident that most of the customers who embark shopping with John Lewis, they do so because of the natural looking of products. This is because online customers are believed to be in a rush hence having the search element tries to save their time.


As just stated in the explanation of the customer’s journey that advertisement is in part of the Customer journey, the company of Lewis has tried to advertise its services and products. This has been evident through the use of ad trumps Apple’s. Through this, the company has been in a better p0osition of advertising some of its products and also making its customers understand that it offers free delivery services. Therefore it means that this element of advertisement is vital in the customer journey. This is because it can remind or introduce the particular product to the customer. On the other hand, it can be a way of giving the customer understanding of after-sale services he or she can have like free delivery.

Landing Page

Using landing page, it is whereby the company ensures that the client gets to the page of the product when clicks on an ad. This is important as some of the companies; landing pages do not relevant to the attached advertisement. According to research, this makes the customer bored and maybe might not buy the product. If one ensures that the landing page is relevant to the advert, the chances of making more sales are higher.

Product Page

Ensuring that the company has an active product page on the website has made sales to incline. It is apparent that the product page of the company is apparently such that the prices are transparent and has zooming option. This means that it is fit for different customers like the long-sighted or the short-sighted since it has the zooming opportunity. In addition to that under this element, the company has made delivery options.


Under this element, the customers have the chance of confirming their exclusive products. In addition to that, there is payment options and confirmation of the delivery options. According to me, this element of customer journey is essential since one has the chance of confirming the kind of products picked. Therefore it means that if there was any problem in loading the products to the baskets one will have the opportunity to re-pick which ensures that there is Maximus selling.


This is the last essential element of the company’s customer journey. Clicking on this element, the company of John Lewis directly gives a place to feed your email. After that, they offer the option of creating an account which according to me it is a healthy move of making it after the purchase but not before (Alpay, 2009). It is because it may be the offered making of account as most of the companies do, the customer will feel pissed off and change his/her plan of shopping which is a way of losing sales. In addition to that, the move of choosing delivery options will be like a way of saving time in areas where one will have to feed the address where it is not essential.

What could be Improved and Recommendations

Although the company has tried to keep the elements of customer journey to best standards, there are areas in which it has not well polished. Firstly the company has not given the aspect of viewing available offers. This is important as it is like a way of motivation to the customers. Therefore it means that as a company they should separate the products with offers from those without and create an element hence trying to improve make sales. The other place to develop is on the mode of delivery. From the kind of look, delivery options of the company seem to be relatively slow. Since it is apparent that online shoppers are ever in a rush, this can be pothole of weaving customers away; therefore, it requires ratification.

The Infographics

Infographics vary with the kind of customers they are targeted to. They depend on gender, age, hobbies, interest or personality of the customer. However, they are essential as they help in making quick understanding of the customer and passing information. Therefore below are some of the infographics as used by the company of John Lewis.

Image 1: The above image is an illustration of John Lewis’ UEFA infographic

Source: Sports marketing (TV, 2014).

The above infographic was used by the company to communicate about UEFA football championship. Firstly the infographic has been targeted to a specific sport which is football. Therefore it means that the targeted customer is a football fan. According to the infographic, it is an advert of television. Using the infographic above it is evident that the company is capable of advertising its TVS on sale more accessible and clear. In addition to that, the advert is not gendered choosy as both male and female watch football. In addition to that, it does not age fussy as young and aged watch football. However, it is based on the hobby of the customer which is watching and sports-centered which is football generated.


The paper above discussed on customer journey and use of infographics. Therefore John Lewis Retail Company has been used in making the report. The company has various elements which have been used in making their customer journey useful. They include search, ad, landing page, product page, basket and checkout as discussed above. However, there are areas which the company has to imp0rove on. This includes the addition of the element of offers available and improving on the mode of delivery. Lastly, the paper has discussed on infographics whereby under this case has used UEFA infographic as used by the company in advertising television sale.


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  1. Infographic is the use illustrations or graphic in advertising visually.
  2. The customer journey is the process from advertisement to end purchase of a customer, especially in online retail.
  3. John Lewis Company has a systematic customer journey.
  4. The company also uses infographics in advertising as one of its advertisement of televisions using UEFA.

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