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Responsibilities of Parents for Children in Islam

Parents hold a great stature in Islam. Allah swt make is essential for children to submit to their parents and show their best attitude to them. The paramount of children’s successful life lies in the pleasure and happiness of parents. They must lower their ‘wings’ of mercy towards them and must cooperate with them during their difficult times. Children may achieve this level of manners only if the parents have steered them according to the guidelines of Islam which is their fundamental responsibility. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

A Good Name

The primary responsibility of parents after the birth of their child is to give them a good name by the traditions of Islam. This is because every name affects its bearer. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

Fair Treatment

Every child has its own place and right in the family. He must be treated fairly especially when it comes to spending and gifting. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated the significance of treating children fairly in one of his sayings:

This proves showing undue preference to children by gender is a sinful act. This arise feeling of hatred and jealousy among siblings that continues for rest of their lives.

Inculcating Right of Allah

One of the prime responsibilities of parents is to instill the correct faith and rights of Allah in their children. It must be followed by the religious acts of worship that will get them closer to Allah swt. The concept of Tawheed is the most sensitive principle that marks the circle of entering in Islam. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

Spend Appropriately

Fathers have the utmost responsibility to spend properly on their children. Mothers are not accountable for this purpose and if they do pay it is as best of sadaqah. Father has the sole obligation of providing to their families and giving children all the necessities of life. They must find ways to bring their kids up properly. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

Right of Proper Education

The right training is the most significant facet of raising kids. In Islam, the best gift to children from their parents is proper education as it helps them to become responsible Muslims and fulfill the rights of Almighty Allah. This will help them to become successful in the hereafter as well. Our beloved Prophet said:

If every parent takes their responsibility seriously and ensures to make their children true successors of Islam, this will be a continuous charity for the parent’s own benefit and also bring positive change in our society.



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