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Response Paper on Western Movies

In the early Western movies, characters who had “white hats” were considered to be good guys. Those with “black hats” were considered the bad guys.

In the series, Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller is known for guns smuggling, running drugs, dishing out beatings, and making loud noise with his motorcycle during public events. Even though he represents all about biker gangs that invite a negative reputation in him, he has no issue with being a bad person. Jax Teller, therefore, is the villain in this movie. Damages’ Patty Hewes was brought up as a victim of abuse. The bitterness towards her father with an added admiration made her do a legal career. Hewes gets vindicated by another character’s action who says that she was ok in bringing into use her trademark’s point of ruthlessness. The fact that she is born in such a family but still could do everything it takes to thrive is all that makes her an antihero. Jennings of The Americans is another compelling character. As an agent of Russian sleeper in the mid-period of the Cold war living in America, his life is surrounded by some kind of danger. For the better part of the time, Jennings and his family remain spies for Russia, trying to take the American government down. However, even the viewers from America are fascinated by his adventures and would love to see him continue, not because they began to pity them but because if the likes of Jennings would find themselves in jail, then it would be a shame for not allow them to proceed with their questionable mission. This makes Jennings the great anti-hero.

In The Vampire Slayer Spike is a real villain. In the movie, he is a vampire. He is just an enjoyable and witty character fans came to love and know. He represents villains who are cooler. Spike’s arrival marks the Buffy greatness witnessed today. Spike seems to be a mission hunter with a series full of horrible actions but he still maintains his personality. In the Goodfellas’ Henry Hill remarks that Jimmy Conway enjoyed being a villain. He would occasionally root for the bad guys. Jamie Lannister of Game of Throne began life as the show villain. It is even quite simple to hate him based on first sight. He is a thin, tall guy who looks like he is surrounded by virtuous battle-hardened warriors from the North. His appearance alone clearly paints him as a villain. The Game of Throne is but classic fantasy and Jamie Lannister is also a classic villain. Robin Hood, the character in The Wire is one of the real villains. Robin Hood frequently stole from evil oppressors and gave their wealth to downtrodden individuals. In the episode of Mad Men, Don Draper the character is a villain. He drinks too much. He is also entitled to a tobacco company and the attitude he has towards his employees and the women around him is not admirable. In the final episode, he decides to return home to his children and wife and we realize that Don Draper is a lie. Also, Frank Underwood of House of Cards is a villain. Underwood stares at the camera and even kills a wounded dog just by the camera.



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