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Deep Play by Clifford Geertz Analysis

Clifford Geertz is one of the famous American anthropologist and social science contributor. He started a career in English studies from the University of Ohio and later on studied anthropology in which he developed his world of reasoning. After right he got an opportunity to research in Indonesia regarding Agriculture innovation which was specifically conducted for Javanese culture based on the Indonesian Island. Besides this Geertz worked on social action linked to a culture which was the opposite of his initial work, in that he analyzed the different aspects of culture. Later on, he developed a study with the name of Deep Play in which he highlights the different scenarios covering symbolism, meaning, cultural change, and relation to social action.

The paper in this we see Geertz try to identify the link between social action the cultural traits. The study in this Geertz focus is more to provide social science with semiotic culture influence and also linking out some political aspects. The thing which he tried to learn from the people’s behavior is how they are conducting their social actions even he tried to observe their movements he comments that even the movement of limbs has the influence of culture in our life. In his paper he opened refinement debates of learning people’s cultural values, the method He adopted to influence the observation using comparative anthropology in which he had a thick description of the social science which turned the way to folklores and describing traits which turned out the result of cultural influence.

Geertz developed a good argument regarding culture relative to social actions which are opening the gate for the researcher to analyze the physiological aspects concerning trends of culture (Geertz, C. 2005).


Geertz, C. (2005). Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese cockfight. Daedalus, 134(4), 56-86.



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