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Respiratory Therapy Program Selection Committee

I am applying to the respiratory therapy program at your prestigious university for the term (). I have completed all the prerequisites for this program and now I am applying for the 2nd time with the hope that this time around my application will be successful.

Respiratory therapy has been my area of interest since my school days. I have always considered myself a respiratory therapist in the future. I have discussed my ambition with my teachers and parents as well, they always support me morally. The requirements that I have met along with my desire to acquire in-depth knowledge of respiratory therapy make me a suitable candidate for this program.

Respiratory therapy is not just a course for me rather it’s a goal of my life. Therefore, if I get accepted, it will be a dream coming true for me. In order to be well versed in this subject, I have gone through various books. Also, I have consulted professionals who are already in this field so that I can understand the core of the subject. My overall GPA is 3.86 and I achieved this with a lot of hard work and commitment along with an ambition to get accepted at your university. Considering the reputation and quality of education at this institution, I chose this for my future endeavor.

I will be fortunate enough if I make it to your university. It will give me a new spirit and passion to pursue my goal and serve as a respiratory therapist in the years to come. I have waited a year to get this chance, now I am pretty much hopeful. Therefore, please consider me for the respiratory therapy program at your reputed university.






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