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Research Notebook for Cardinal Health


Cardinal Health is a global healthcare and Product Company headquartered in Dublin, Ohio with a revenue of 130 billion (2017), positions at 25 among the top fortune 500. The company established by Robert D. Walder in 1971, was initially a food wholesaler. Walder then sold the firm to Roundy’s in 1988. The company became the third biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the U.S and is known by its new name; Cardinal Health. It provides personalized solutions for clinics, health organizations, chemists, ambulatory surgical treatment centers, medical laboratories, and physician workplaces globally. To enhance supply chain efficiency from hospital to home the company delivers pharmaceutical products that are clinically proven. Cardinal Health has 100 years of experience and 50,000 personnel across 60 countries. The company has expertise in four areas; product, business, logistics, and patient solutions (“Cardinal Health”)


In the Professional products category, Cardinal Health provides products that improve the quality, safety, and effectiveness of products. In the consumer products category, Cardinal Health provides different products related to wound care, Home Healthcare and First aid products.

Professional Products

Cardinal health manufacture and sources products that need comprehensive healthcare solutions. Products are related to Anesthesia, Cardiovascular, Gloves, Infection control, Laboratory products, Former Covidien products, etc.

Consumer Products

In the consumer product category, Cardinal Health provides products that are of high quality and are manufactured in such a way that it fulfills all the requirements of the patients.


The main focus of the services provided by Cardinal Health is to help providers work more efficiently and effectively, Healthcare systems work smarter and patients live healthily. Cardinal Health offers its services in three main areas Business, Logistics, and Patient care of multiple dimensions.

Acute Overview

In these services, Cardinal Health provides services to make the provider business more effective. Whatever service is required by the client Cardinal Health provides that. Cardinal Health has the expertise of the market so they offer their services to different Health care providers and hospitals to improve patient outcomes and reduction of costs.

Physician’s Office

In the physician’s office, one would encounter different pressures related to the delivery of better care. Cardinal Health provides physicians with the right products so that they carry out their practice in an efficient way. Because of the availability of vast knowledge by Cardinal Health, it provides leading-edge solutions to improve performance and for optimization of revenue. Cardinal Health exclusively stood to maintain physician offices with first-class pharmaceuticals, innovative professional gears, and logistics resolutions that automate procedures and regulate budget.

Payer Overview

Cardinal Health is the third largest pharmacy contracting network and has connections at every point of care. It provides industry experience along with innovative solutions to reduce the chance of patient readmission, increase community wellness and improve pharmacy performance. Cardinal Health through its system of high-performing pharmacies recognizes, reaches,es and provisions for high-risk patients.

Retail Pharmacy services

Cardinal Health has a highly trusted supply chain along with expert consulting and patient solutions that will help one in navigating the changing marketplace and let the provider be a champion in the healthcare community. The company offers drugstores the vital resolutions they require to top their communities in wellness, from a reliable delivery system to patient assets.

Manufacturer Overview

For pharmaceutical companies, Cardinal Health provides services that will help the company to control its costs and will gain visibility over its pharmaceutical devices. These solutions will be made exactly according to their needs. They also provide solutions on how to bring new products into the market and how to commercialize them. With 4000 producers and dealers, the company helps customers bring their inventions to the marketplace.

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