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To develop a basic understanding of the topic, random articles related to the topic ‘Food and Health’ were studied.
Research Method: Internet research was conducted. This included web pages, journal and review articles, interviews, documentaries, and research papers.
The material was found by searching keywords like:
Food, balanced, nutrition, and health.

  • The research helped to clarify the research topic.
  • The scope of the topic was clarified.
  • The related searches were bookmarked for future uses.

In addition to other major factors, such as alcohol, tobacco, and physical activities, diet also contributes to chronic diseases. Multidisciplinary research is of great significance for the promotion of better choices of food and healthier diets. Many projects are being conducted in the world in collaboration with different unions for Food and Health research. Researchers are carrying out different and strong research day by day while identifying the gaps in the previous ones.
Friday, March 9th, 2018
For further research, “Google Scholar” was used as a reliable search engine.
The source was found in a journal of Public Health. It was European research on the response of consumers’ towards information provided on the food packaging regarding nutrition.

  • Keywords:

Nutrition Information, Food labels, Consumer Research.

  • The European consumer concept was studied. The consumer behavior towards healthy food consumption was studied in the research.
  • The subjective and objective understanding of the topic was distinguished.
  • Saved resources
  • Facts and figures related to consumer’s behavior toward health awareness when it comes to diet.
  • The need and requirement of research were even more clear.
  • More potential additional sources were identified.

Search, observation, comprehension, and utilization were impacted by various variables. The most noticeable ones that have been examined in the research are potentially probably going to assume a part in view of the general buyer conduct hypothesis. Enthusiasm for sustenance issues can be required to have an impact on all periods of the procedure. Information about nourishment issues can be relied upon to have impacts, particularly on comprehension and utilization. Purchaser socioeconomics is frequently talked about as determinants, however, they will probably be connecting of real determinants, for example, enthusiasm for and learning about nourishment, value cognizance or wellbeing status. On the data supply side, the arrangement of the name clearly is required to have a noteworthy effect.
Saturday, March 10, 2018

  • Continued searching journal articles and reviewed bookmarked pages.
  • Found accessibility to inaccessible links.
  • Another European Research paper was found to identify themes, needs and proposals.


  • Spanning food
  • Society
  • Food and Health research structures.

Journal article – social sciences for food and health research.

Continued the research from home and found it very useful that the journals databases were accessible now.
Nations for the most part commission look into sustenance, and on well-being, independently: a couple of nations have consolidated research methodologies or projects. Nourishment and wellbeing are likewise unequivocally free fields inside the European Commission’s exploration programs. Research programs have bolstered nourishment and bio-innovation, sustenance wellbeing, epidemiological research, and dietary observation; yet there has been less research into individual conduct and next to no natural impacts on sustenance decisions – in the retail and showcasing enterprises, approach, and control. The examination is for the most part sited inside colleges and research foundations; there is minimal distributed research commitment in this regard.
Sunday, March 12, 2018
• Internet research
The research was reviewed through the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
The research was about the effect of food on a healthy life span.
Food, nutrition research, healthy lifestyle

  • The internet sources used were very important in researching the background


  • The importance of nutrition towards a healthy lifestyle was studied further in detail

The multidisciplinary idea of sustenance exploration requires cooperation among look into researchers with contrasting subject matters, various partners, and multifaceted ways to deal with build up the information base required for setting up the confirmation-based nourishment direction and approaches that will prompt better wellbeing and prosperity of world populaces. Appropriate sustenance offers a standout amongst the best and minimum exorbitant approaches to diminish the weight of perpetual and no communicable ailments and their hazard factors.



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