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Relationship Between People And Nature

Over centuries, our diversity as human beings has evolved as we continuously interact with nature. Nature has positive impacts on our lives in the sense that it provides all food, air, and water. To be specific, human beings cannot survive without interacting with nature. Contrary to many people’s opinions, an article by Takeuchi states that nature also requires people.

Takeuchi explains his concept by saying that it takes human intervention to conserve some aspects of the environment. For instance, human beings can prevent the extinction of some species by providing the required physical conditions for the species to survive. The author further states that despite nature’s basic requirements (food, shelter, and clothing), it also plays an essential role in the lives of local communities and Indigenous people. For instance, some of these communities have their cultural beliefs, values, and identities deeply-seated. It is common to find communities that have attached their spiritual values to a specific place, such as hills. Such sites are known as “sacred natural places.” Nature also provides human beings with medicine, energy, and raw materials for their daily activities. Conservation and development planning is one of the methods human beings use in attempts to appreciate nature. The interdependence between the environment and people is also evident when the loss of some diversity in our culture results in the loss of some aspects of bio-diversity (Takeuchi, 2010).

Takeuchi’s article is in total agreement with some of the concepts in chapter 4. For example, they both state the similar interdependence between nature and people. The need for people to review nature conservation policy also appears in both articles. They both indicate that the loss of biodiversity through human activities such as mining is affecting nature’s ability to provide us with our necessities.

In my view, people gradually forget the importance of nature. Despite the fact that nature offers us all the natural resources we require, human beings are continuously affecting nature negatively. As a result, the volume of natural resources such as forests, water bodies, and some animals and species is reduced.


Takeuchi, K. (2010). Rebuilding the relationship between people and nature: the Satoyama Initiative. Ecological research25(5), 891-897.



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