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I am almost finishing my bachelor’s degree; my view now is that I have light at the tunnel’s end. The learning process has been somehow difficult, and I have been even frustrated by myself although I have prevailed. It is important for me to complete my studies, however, most important I have my sibling whom I must always set a good example for them. This motivates and drives me to finish my degree.

My objective is to finish a bachelor in science in interdisciplinary studies degree with a concentration in business part particularly concentrating in accounting in the financial accounting sections in the U.S. also; I want to center on management accounting, tax accounting, cost accounting as well as external auditing in a well-informed perspective. For example, I have planned a concentration that links these accounting fields together in various sections or departments in the United States. After all, this is the route that the entire country is following. Even though I have altered my degree strategy many times, I always come back to business especially accounting in various fields since I always found it a very interesting business section.

The University of Houston-Downtown has provided me with information that I needed to work on to improve my degree in design for business, especially for accounting. According to this information, financial accounting centers on organizations’ financial information reporting that includes the financial statement preparation to various external users of this information such as the regulators, suppliers, and investors. Similarly, management accounting centers on reporting, analyzing as well as the measurement of the management’s use. The university lessons offer information on the various skills required in successful accounting that is required in various institutions. The accounting program for bachelor of science in interdisciplinary studies offers information on various accounting fields as well as research that can improve the fields.

This information together with the business guideline has aided me to develop various skills in interpreting, writing as well as critical reading unlike before getting the opportunity in this university. I have as well obtained a wide understanding of globalization, diversity, ethics as well as a different requirement of various organizations. As the guideline explains, these are important areas for a student to be aware of. Thus this information has broadened my various understanding and master of communication skills for interpersonal, small groups as well as professional, information management in utilizing the financial system that is used in workplaces, economics, social and ethical responsibility that focuses on accounting, quantitative skills especially in statistics as well as understanding the organization in the context of the border.

The University of Houston-Downtown offers a BS IS degree that includes a broad liberal background that involves the overall education requirement such as psychology, oral communication, sociology, written communication as well as statistics. These studies have been helpful in understanding accounting and establishing good communication with the client. Therefore, I have these important skills that can aid me in business.

With my bachelor in science in interdisciplinary studies degree completion with a concentration in business, I feel I will be well qualified for the various career opportunity that may arise with requirements such as the degree in bachelors in science in interdisciplinary studies, communication skills, analytical skills, as well as the general skills. I am also a creative student with an ability to various diverse circumstances that enables me to communicate myself. Therefore my bachelor’s in science in interdisciplinary studies degree will enable me to move closer to the career opportunities such as financial accounting, external auditing, cost accounting, tax accounting as well as management accounting.

In conclusion, my bachelor’s in science in interdisciplinary studies degree at the University of Houston-Downtown had given me an educational experience that improved my career pathway more than I expected when I joined it. I have gained many skills that can lead me to get the career opportunities it offers. Even though my walk has not been easy, I have managed to get closer to my career, my concentration in business.



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