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Reference Letter for Nursing Program Application

To Whom It May Concern

It is with pleasure that I am writing this recommendation letter for Jeane Gbaye to enroll in the nursing program being offered at your Institute. She has been a student at Bowie State University, maintained a consistently strong academic record, and has always demonstrated herself to be a meticulous and energetic student.

As her teacher, I have taught her three elective courses related to health, nursing, and family medicine. During the courses, besides going through several aspects of nursing theory and medicine she was required to work with patients, observe their diagnosis and therapy, and assist the medical staff. I had noticed her to be very caring and responsive to the patients she was assigned to look after. I had always found her to be a very smart and inquisitive student, and we often discussed issues and topics after class related to healthcare that were sometimes beyond the scope of the courses I was teaching.

I find Jeane to be quite brilliant in her ability to apply theoretical knowledge of biology and medicine to a real-time environment, which I have first-hand experience observing during her time as a volunteer assistant at our affiliated hospital’s emergency department. She is a compassionate and caring person, demonstrating strong work-ethics. She has attended most of the bi-monthly nursing seminars, and her student research paper on Nursing Leadership was published in the Journal of Nursing and Healthcare, Vol 6, Issue 2 in 2017.

Jeane has graduated from our school and is now seeking to apply for a full degree in nursing in order to expand her knowledge and develop a career in Nursing and Healthcare. As her teacher, it is my pleasure to recommend her admission to your esteemed Institute. I found her to be well capable of passing the Nursing program and believe a brilliant student like her would bring credit to your Institution.

I can be reached for further information to discuss her suitability for pursuing a degree in nursing, through the contact details I have provided below.

Best Regards,


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