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Reablement Report

My placement was in a primary school for children with learning difficulties as well as Autism Down syndrome with student’s age ranging 5-14. The mission of the school was to ensure all their pupils become thriving learners, acquire a confident personality, be responsible as well as be of great importance to the community. These students had special needs who required close attention in their personality development and life experiences involving their health and well-being (Goodwin.2016, 104). Equally important, the student needed outdoor learning activities on a weekly basis to employ necessary skills required to become successful and responsible members of the community. More so, my primary concern that I concentrated in was in the health and well-being of the students. I also majored in religious and moral education. Social, science and technological approaches were also main subjects that were addressed in the school.

During the placement period, I got engaged in retirement activities that involves assisting the people with physical and mental health challenges (Tew et al, 2014, 121). I helped the students to dress, write, wash, and climb stairs among other things. However, I used two reablement approaches, that is, cognitive and occupational approach. In cognitive approach, I helped the students participate in their daily activities and engage them fully in their overall life in the family and community. This is because some of the students experienced challenges in living a more fulfilling life due to low confidence and self-esteem levels. In this approach, I identified the likes, priorities, and needs of the students who should be actively involved in the placement process and addressed them technically. The outcome involved enhancing the cognitive performance of every student to observe whether the strategy is useful. In occupational approach, I provided the necessary skills to students with physical challenges where I assisted them in climbing stairs, writing and even in dressing. In this approach, I had to have essential homecare skills that would help me in serving the children (Riley, 2012, 124). Moreover, exercise is another major technique I used. I made sure that the students consume a well-balanced diet with appropriate nutrition which in turn helped in promoting exercise a fundamental technique in this approach. In so doing, the exercise improved the functioning physically, motion as well as different students being able to carry out activities that initially proved difficult.

I enrolled in the school as a Healthcare student where I assisted the children in their day to day curriculum activities. Nonetheless, I also stood the position of an assistant teacher whose goal was to help the class teacher in catering and meeting the special needs of every child. As part of the support team, I assisted the faculty team as well as support the students whenever they required my attention. I got the chance to interact with several staff members who taught me “Makaton language,” a language that was used to teach students who suffered from poor communication skills and lack of ability to express themselves. It incorporated the use of symbols, signs, and speech to encourage communication among students who have autism (Vinales, 2013, 81). I helped the students of my class using the language which I found extremely compelling and flexible to provide a learning platform of each child who later gained the confidence and courage to communicate effectively as well as express themselves. As an assistant teacher, I, however, had the mandate to assist the students in their daily life obstacles. I supported them in putting on shoes and jackets and be by their side during meals and play times. Moreover, during their physical education activities, I took a grip on their strengths and weakness which I would later address in the class and work on them. As part of my duty, I abetted on one on one support activities with students including Matching numbers, counting and in numeracy activities.

In my placement period, I played a role as a student of healthcare and an observer at the school. This equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to use in my career. Nevertheless, it gave me the focus on how to build a healthy relationship with people as well as how to communicate assertively in solving complex issues.


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