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Q.1: What is racial profiling? Provide examples of how law enforcement, government officials, and/or ordinary citizens used racial profiling labels and harm others (See the Michael Brown case)?

Answer:  By the meaning of racial profiling, the targeted persons who are suspected of a crime are dealt with the law enforcement based on their race, religion, ethnicity, or nation origins. And the criminal profile work is usually associated with the police department. And they are confident in the group characteristic that one associated with crime. For instance, If someone violates the traffic rule, police are judged the fault by identifying the physical appearance of the violated person whether he is black or brown. And even they use of race to identify the pedestrians which one can do contrabands.

Many other examples of law enforcement are existed in the U.S, like the targeting of Hispanic Latin Americans to investigate illegal immigration. And the people of Middle Eastern and South Asians who are present in the country in screening to ties with Islamic terrorism. All the suspicion is classically based on the racist. It is to be said that crimes are set according to ethnicity or race.

Q.2: Discuss various ethnocentric practices historically used by those in power that have contributed to prejudicial attitudes towards racial and minority groups.

Answer: Ethnocentric term is defined as those individuals which assumed that he is the best rather than other peoples, in another word it could be said that they are self-centered peoples. They thought about their group having its own culture and power. This is shown as biased behavior, and it’s creating many problems for both race and prejudice. This discrimination had been happen in human history like in World War 2. Because of ethnicity they were tortured and mistreated by the Jews at that time for many years. Even though they were exterminated at the camp of the Nazi party. One more example of segregation of color of people has white, brown, and black color. And blacks were always treated unfairly or inhumanly.  Even though they had no equal right to freedom and did not get the same education level.

Ethnocentrism is going to be strong and weak human relations. But in the other sense, we are all human and have equal rights individually no matter what color, religion, or nation of us. There is no discrimination among the citizens all over the world and avoid the prejudices which is the result of ethnocentrism and is must destroy the stability and prosperity of nations.

Q.3: What is the social construction of race? Provide a symbolic interactionist perspective. How can this concept (social construction of race) be applied to Americans from multiple racial backgrounds?

Answer:   The term Race is referring to the traits of hereditary which are set by a specific group or category. And it revolved around physical appearance and biological traits. But the ethnicity is based on social culture and behaviors. The social scientist believed that the word race is developed by the socially constructed concept.  It is the view to emerging the inequalities in society.

By the symbolic interaction, people were divided into groups by their race types such as behavior and social interaction, and colors among them. In this situation, better education was got only white people and earn more money than black people. And after the Passage of time in the nineteen century “Black” peoples were to be identified as African American. Now society has multiple citizens or identities, and some of them have been identified due to the cause of migrations. Africans were to accept the culture, customs, and language of the US and live there as Americans.

Q.4: Define the term model minority. Discuss which minority group is perceived as living up to that image. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a model minority

Answer: This model is representing the demographic group which is based on ethnicity, race, physical characteristics, and religion. And the group members achieved a higher degree of socioeconomic success, and the success was measured by their income, education, low rate of crime, and marital stability in the family.  The concept of the model of minorities is very controversial, and in history suggested that there is no need for government to adjust certain groups.

And they live differently from other societies and treat unfairly. This concept can be referred as to discrimination, peoples are mostly subordinates. The majority group has more power and resources than the minority groups; minority groups have no rights, or freedom, and lack powers. Minorities are classified by their color of skin, cultural activities, physical appearance, and language.

But in case of minority’s advantage, they can have a bright future by better education, adopt a professional career, business and could have rich by hard-working like the Asians. Asian Americans had fought for their equal rights, freedom, and specific social issues and social construct of racial discrimination. If they are discriminated, biased,ed and prejudiced then they must be like the broke.



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