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Question and Answers: Microbe Behavior

What was the overreaching questions the researcher were asking?

The overarching question posed by researchers was that “Is there a prevalence of fitness conflict between microbes and the host in a mutualistic relationship?” Also so the weaker microbes turn into cheaters to increase their fitness at the expense of their hosts?

What were the overall conclusion drawn from the results?

The overall conclusion was that the microbes like independent E. metiloti, that had a similar evolutionary history with the host-adapted with the host’s genotype as expected however the microbes that had mutated did not respond well to the host. So it was concluded that symbiosis depends on the genotype of the host and the bacteria’s ability to adapt.

Describe the first two sets of experiments in the paper. Detail the question they were asking, the experiment they ran, and the result the found

The first experiment included the sequencing and cross-inoculation of the rhizobia after their evolution. These were then introduced to five different hosts and their behavior was observed. After a year-long evolution, these derived rhizobia were isolated and compared with their ancestors. It was then observed that the partner force was not important but the selective force was. In the second experiment, variation was introduced and the derived rhizobia were observed further. This experiment showed that the evolved rhizobia made a stronger bond with their hosts as compared to their ancestors.

Describe the remaining experiments in the paper. Detail the questions they were asking. The experiment they ran, and the results they found.

The experiment observed the behavior of the host when the microbe was introduced. It was then observed that the hosts chose the strongest rhizobia to form a symbiosis with and ignored the weaker ones. This made it clear that the hosts used the selective method when choosing bacteria.

What are future questions that can be asked from the article?

The question that can be asked from this paper is that what happens to the weaker bacteria that are rejected by the hosts? Do they become parasitic or do they die out?

No Scientific paper is perfect. Learning to read scientific articles is critical to being a science major. Name at least one thing in the experimental process with which they made a mistake or one thing you believe they did not do properly in their experiments or their data and conclusion

The paper discussed about the weaker bacteria, in the beginning, implying that the research will also focus on their behavior, however; the research was more focused on the stronger bacteria leaving the many aspects unanswered.



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