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Pursuing Legal Education Personal Statement

Having gone through high school education and college, I have never been satisfied with the knowledge that I possess. Persistently setting new goals in life that will stretch my thinking and mind into something that was not the day before and allowing every single experience to shape me while never losing my focus on my convictions and what I learned along my life way has always been a mode of life for me. For me, pursuing a legal education is not a final accomplishment, nor will obtaining a legal degree satisfy this ongoing thirst for knowledge that I have always been longing for. I want to continue further consistently in need of a challenging life that requires considerable mind expansion, focus, and personal reflection. The knowledge and skills that I will acquire in attending law school will expand my mind and allow me to think in ways that I never had before. It will allow me to face future academic goals, professionalism, confidence, and intellectual development in my life.

In my third year at the university, I was selected to be the undergraduate representative at the university meeting at one of the international conferences that focused on modelling legislation to influence economic growth and prosperity in the fraternity. Through this conference that I attended in Arizona I happened to interact with the Arizona government representatives and leaders, the majority of this leaders were advocators in recommending the new lawmaking with the potential of creating new job opportunities, more business and improve the overall living standards of the people in the state. During the conference, I noticed that the group that had the best debate and arguments were the lawyers because of their superior information and advanced knowledge.

As new issues and challenges emerged, the lawyers just seemed to have a coherent way of balancing difficult situations and interactions in a manner that others could not. From this conference, I gained more experience and knowledge on how to handle problems and conflicts that involve personal interaction. It is from this interaction that my desire to get a legal career came into my mind.

After joining the fraternity in college, it was another opportunity that challenged me in ways that I never thought it could be. In my senior year, third, I was chosen as the president of the of the university, hence taking the obligation of the chapter as the youngest president in the history of the college. However, this helped me to shape my dream and inspiration of becoming a leader. Through learning seminars on behalf of the fraternity at the university level, being the orator helped me to improve my speaking skills, organizational skills, and leadership for future opportunities. Under my fraternity leadership, I was able to be number one, the best fraternity leader out of eight other fraternities scholastically. I was recognized and awarded the premier national award for exemplary leadership.

In my last year of college, I realized that having one profession is not satisfying to be academically and intellectually dwarf. I decided to stay another extra semester and learn to account for a decision that assisted me. This accounting knowledge provided me with a wealth of skills and tools to look at situations from different perspectives and the ability to bridge the mental gaps in my way of thinking. From this program, I was able to grant the opportunity of becoming an assistant to one of my professors. Also, becoming a personal assistant to the professor introduced me to another opportunity to teach other students who needed special assistance, and it allowed me to exercise the acquired personal interaction skills that I had learned. Furthermore, my experience as a Personal Assistant instilled my desire to continue with my professional goals, and a legal degree will help me achieve my goals.

After completing my academic studies, it was time to join the professional world, which has been full of challenges. Due to the knowledge that I gained in finance and accounting, I was able to get an internship at Matrix Financial Services, a business firm. I was offered the responsibility of auditing and supervising my assistants, who were under me. After some years, I learned the skills necessary to plan and perform auditing and gained experience in dealing with difficult issues and practising critical thinking on the professional level. From this experience, I was able to mentor other people who joined the firm and impacted their lives, too. My interpersonal skills and changing the lives of my colleagues motivated me. I know leaving for one profession, such as accounting, and taking the initiative to do a legal degree will be challenging, but with consistency, focus, ambition and aggressiveness, I will be able to make it.

My decision to pursue legal education came after a long, personal thought. However, my reflection and thinking have always driven me to Law school. My chance to face the challenges and realize my full potential is the ultimate goal in attending the legal school of law. Through the skills and knowledge from my college studies, interactions, and employment in the accounting firm, I can take a chance and involve myself in legal activities. Having the experience and mindset that I can in law school, I will be able to set professional and intellectual goals with a lot of determination, perseverance, aggressiveness, and self-assurance like never before.



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