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Psychiatric Conditions

Lucy was diagnosed with manic depression, which is a characteristic of bipolar disorder condition. Her condition is the main reason why she finds it challenging to have an interpersonal relationship at home, and it has led her to lose her job in the four companies in the last two years.

Individuals who suffer from depression have no interest in things that seemed to interest them previously, and they have difficulties in concentrating; they may gain or lose weight as well as have no sleep. Most of these individuals who get diagnosed with this kind of disorder abuse drugs as a way of helping them with their mood swings, and the more they use the drugs, the more their lives become difficult (Cummings, 2013).

Lucy’s grandmother also suffers from the same condition as that of Lucy. Donna experiences mood swings, and according to studies, it is clear that genetic components create mental illness, which is not a choice, but treating it is a choice. People in society view these victims from a different perspective. Like Lucy’s grandfather, he believed that the cause of the mood swings was as a result of witchcraft that needed a specialist to treat them. A person with a mental disability depends on friends as well as family members in the environment for support, as the disorder usually occurs within a particular social context (Cummings, 2013). People with mental disability have been facing stigma and discrimination for a long time, where they have met all kinds of stereotypes, cues as well as prejudice from the general public or from their family members who do not understand their condition. Federal law has addressed this stigma and provides a crucial foundation for improving the disparities in health as well as the employment outcomes for individuals with mental illness.


Cummings, J. R., Lucas, S. M., & Druss, B. G. (2013). Addressing public stigma and disparities among persons with mental illness: The role of federal policy. American Journal Of Public Health, 103(5), 781-785. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2013.301224



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