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Pros and Cons of Buying and Drinking Water Filtration Systems VS Buying Bottled Water

Have you ever thought of good health and asked yourself what factors influence our health most? Most individuals believe that good health is feeding yourself balanced, nutritious foods and maintaining body cleanness. Water is one of the factors that influence your health the most. To maintain good health,  the quantity, and quality of water matter.

Considering how hydration is a crucial element to your survival it’s essential to consider the quality and purity of water that is ingested. The fact that tapped water is full of health-threatening impurities, it’s not secure for human consumption without being filtered. There are only two types of water you can use to hydrate yourself that is filtered water and bottled water.

Filtered water is considered to be healthy as compared to bottled water, and this is why water filtration charlotte provides you with better water filtration experts and filtration systems to help you consume pure water. In the following, we will provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of buying a whole home water filtration system against buying bottled water.

Filtered water advantages

During your filtration process, it’s advisable to pass your water through the best whole-home water filter which provides water that has all the required elements for your consumption. There are different forms of water filters, and all of them offer the same type of work.

Filtered water has improved the flavor

The best whole-house water filter provides you with the best water for consumption. This filter offers you better water that has a good test and smell. It removes all impurities such as chlorine and other thousands of contaminants that may be contained in your drinking water. The best whole-house water filter will give you and your family high water testing and clean water which is pure for ingestion.

Money saving option

At the starting point, filtered water seems to be an expensive option due to the purchase of filtering systems. In the long run, it will provide you with healthy water for a long time which saves your daily expenditures. Buying bottled water increases your costs since you have to buy them daily or at any time you feel like having water. Per year the amount used to pay for piped water is always cheaper than buying bottled water.

Filtered water is free of impurities and contaminants

What you can’t deny is that filtered water is free of pollutants and contaminants. Of course, the purity of water filtered depends on the filtration system used during your purification process. A best whole home water filter will provide you with the best-filtered water for your family when used for filtration. When you test water from this type of home filter prior to buying, you will be aware of what contaminants are hence you will make the right decision to buy one. Best whole home water filter selectively removes contaminants and impurities from water during filtration and at the same time maintains the healthy minerals and the PH required.

Better for health

Taking of clean filtered water protects your body from infections and leads to greater health for you and your family. The best whole-house water filter provides you with fresh water for consumption which does not expose your body to infections. These days health institutions are recommending people use home-filtered waters since it reduces exposure to agents that cause cancer. Home water filtration has proven to be a final barrier against many harmful chemicals that are being used in water purification. By using whole-home water filtration systems families reduce or limit exposure to chemicals that are primary factors that cause cancer. For instance, filtering tap or well water reduces exposure to numerous known chemicals such as carcinogens or endocrine.

Filtered water cons

There are some disadvantages to using filtered water. This is usually brought about by initial buying and maintenance costs. Discussed below are some of the cons associated with filtered water.

The expensive water filtration system

Water filters end up costing you more while purchasing them. But this isn’t a downfall since there are all water filtration for all budgets on the market out there. In case you don’t have money to purchase the best whole-home water filtration system you can go for cheaper under-sink systems like best whole-house water filter that will suit only in your house.

Maintenance required for the filtration system

Considering the type of system that you install or use, one thing that you must do for sure is maintained your system. Some expenditures will be involved as the filters need to be changed regularly. But this does not raise your costs when you are dealing with the right filtration systems as maintenance work will not be required periodically.

Bottled water pros

There are some reasons why bottled water is popularly used.

They provide a convenient hydration solution

Bottled water is packed in a plastic or glass bottle. This makes it more since you can easily get them in shops. When you are on your journey, they are easily portable, and in case you forget your bottle you can purchase one from a store, so you are not in any danger of getting dehydrated.

Easily available

Bottled water can be easily found in stores. This gives them a significant advantage as filtered water is only found in homes and other areas where filtration systems are located. On the centrally bottled water can be found in stores out there for a few cones.

Bottled water cons


Though at first, it may not seem expensive, in the long run, purchasing bottled water ends up costing more than filtered water. Water that is filtered only requires buying filtering systems at once, and you install them. After installation, only maintenance costs are needed as compared to bottled water which you are required to purchase daily.

Bottled water is not always contaminant free

While this water is considered as being contaminant free, this is not always true. At first, there are some cases where all the impurities are not removed from the water before it’s packed. This means that you can be spending money and consuming water that will affect your health. Also when water stays longer in a plastic bottle, it becomes contaminated with synthetic chemicals, but this only applies to plastic bottles, not glass ones.



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