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Dear Director of the hospital,

I was writing as a medical staff administrative assistant at a hospital. My purpose for writing this report was to highlight the present position of the early endorsement of a total of 10 committees. My report was written for the director of the hospital. In this, we are making advances on the yearly reelection of committees. The chief of staff has called the chairperson of each of the ten committees that must be operated and I have sent a continuation email to all of the committee members as thanks.

The key responsibility of the administrative assistant is to complete strategies and work timetables in order to eradicate the misperception of whom would execute a particular responsibility. Work programs created on good scheduling eradicate the need to work outside probable hours, except for unusual crisis circumstances.

However, that strategy is not an enduring mechanism. As circumstances vary, the doctor must review the timetables, responsibilities, and tasks to reproduce modifications. Flexibility is a compulsory requirement for a chiropractic assistant.

In this, I have been employed to control all ten hospital committees. We needed you to know that we are ahead of the timetable and entirety is going according to the scheduled time. I am presently only waiting for one response and have already been informed that the physician will contact me by the end of this week. Similarly, when the committee will be confirmed then I will type the membership list for each committee and distribute them to the medical staff. I will personally send a copnbhy to you. Your copy will comprise of all committee members, complete with each member’s phone number and email address.

I wanted to guarantee you that all committee reappointment actions are ahead of the timetable and running efficiently.


Medical staff administrative assistant



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