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How will you use formal and informal socialization in your nursing practice?

Section I

  1. How will you use formal and informal socialization in your nursing practice?

Many of nurses believe that experiences gained from informal socialization have been more effective than formal socialization. These experiences have been noted to have a more powerful and memorable effect on people. Informal socialization is best known as socialization that happens incidentally and as such leaves a lasting memory of it and provides a better manner of learning for nurses. For students learning to become nurses, they’ll need to spend more time with nurses to be able to get adequate exposure to their nursing environment.

  1. What are some of the factors that will influence your personal socialization?

There are various factors of socialization that have either a direct or indirect effect on us, throughout our life. The most common factor that influences our socialization skills is our parents. Socialization practices take root at home, we learn further about it in schools, from our friends, or by imitating others. These factors can assist people in developing and grooming their personal socialization skills.

  1. What would you do to take an active role in your own professional socialization?

To develop professional socialization skills, it is necessary to understand the elements such as gaining specialized knowledge, adopting an appropriate attitude, and understanding roles, values, interests, and norms to fully understand how professional socialization is carried out. Considering a good self-image with a positive attitude towards the profession can assist in grooming my professional socialization.

Section II

  1. What positive effect does blogging in the public domain have on the profession of nursing?

The Internet has become one of the frequent sources of information in the present era and as the such majority of the population, mostly consisting youth, turn towards online blogs for their source of credible information. Blogs related to the field of nursing can help spread awareness among the masses, to exhibit a positive image of the profession. It can help in showing them how truly amazing nursing has been and can influence and encourage the young population to understand nursing better.

  1. What are the possible negative effects that these accounts could have on the profession?

Blogs can have both a positive and a negative impacts on the masses. A total of 12.5 million searches have been recorded only about health-related searches. Most nurse-authored blogs come up in these searches and if misguided information were to be published, it will influence the youth in a negative manner and can destroy the image of the profession in the process. Information, in the wrong hands, can damage a lot.

  1. Find an example of two nursing blogs, one that promotes a positive view of the nursing profession, and another that promotes a negative view of nursing. What are the characteristics of each of these examples? – The blog’s true purpose was not aimed to defame the nursing profession. However, the way information is published there could have a different effect on its readers. The nurse author presents the daily issues from her perspective but becomes a little too honest about her personal feelings and infuses them with her words. Professionalism cannot be carried out with personalized expressions. – The author of this blog brings about an important positive effect on the readers. Sharing and informing the readers about the nursing profession and the practices that are being followed in the nursing profession. These kinds of blogs become influential sources and enlighten the reader about nursing as a professional career.

  1. What are your responsibilities as a member of the profession of nursing in responding to the posts on these blogs?

As a professional nurse and being well informed of the current nursing practices, I find it my professional responsibility to respond to posts that provide misguided information, generally lacking in proper awareness, and negative reviews of the nursing profession in general. Nursing is a scientific profession and requires continuous training and learning.

  1. What is the relationship between the image of nursing and the professionalization of nursing?

A profession is best defined by the image it presents to the public and by this people might come to admire or hate it. The image of nursing is directly related to the professionalization of nursing because a better image will earn it proper respect from the people. In this way, being professionalized while establishing a positive image will boost an influence among the young students to appreciate the field of nursing from an all-new perspective as well.


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