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Globalization and advanced practice in nursing is growing rapidly which has left an impact on the nursing career. The need is the advancement in this profession with a new set of roles and responsibilities which will help in the growth in both the profession and the quality of work. The policy initiative regarding the nursing practice is to give the leadership role to nurses through which the work done by them could be efficient and effective. This new role will be achieved through advanced strategies by involving the higher authority’s discretion and implementing the policies.

In the profession of nursing, there is always been direct contact with patients and a little amount of time left to collaborate with higher management. The link between a leadership role and nursing practice is essential because of the direct care and potential in the process of healing. This role will make them able to mobilize their own skills and responsibilities on which the health and safety of patients rely on. The design of the training which is given to nurses is focused on the patient, the family of the patient, and those defined by the clinical population. Emphasize the leadership role initiative is on high quality which leads to the safety of patients. A few are the important aspects of this role which include the maximum involvement in the process of quality control, clear and direct communication, setting high standards, monitoring the reasons what is lacking in not providing the expected quality, and support other staff in order to make sure the desire outcomes could be achieved.

All these aspects could be achieved through motivation and collaboration by the higher management. The problem and challenges are still yet to be achieved which involves the resistance to implementing these high standards and training to nurses so they could be able to achieve high standards and maximum safety.

  1. I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is:

The reason for choosing this career is because it’s challenging and interesting which leads to making a difference in the lives of people. The profession of nursing involves a variety of different aspects when it comes to caring the patients and this makes this career enjoyable. The time that a patient and the family of the patient are going through is considered to be the hardest and helping those in difficult times will give a sense of satisfaction.

  1. I believe that the core of nursing is:

The core of the nursing profession involves enthusiasm and always staying vigilant in providing care. It requires the listen to skills of patients and the family of patients to figure out their needs and concerns. The ability to provide care not just physically but also providing the patient mental care.

  1. I believe that the focus of nursing is:

The prior focus of this profession is on the patient. This provides the necessary involvement in providing care to patients and providing advocacy for the patients’ health. The focus towards clear communication and understanding of what is bothering the patients.

  1. My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will:

I have a vision which is motivated me to provide the best possible care to patients and treat them with the utmost respect by using critical analysis and knowledge. Providing the patient and the family awareness regarding the procedures and giving priority to their desires.

  1. To live out my philosophy of nursing, every day I must remember this about being a nurse:
  • The first thing is to remember patients, treat them with respect, and never to forget that they are humans not just the diagnosis. The care for them should be as perfect as possible with my knowledge and skills.
  • The families of patients are concerned about the well-being of their loved ones and I should educate them and provide them with knowledge and update them will all the ongoing procedure.
  • My colleagues, to treat them with respect, provide my support and involve them in all the work which needs to be done in teamwork.
  1. My patients are:

My patients are humans and should be treated like humans with respect and consideration. They are in pain and need my help to go through a difficult time.

  1. My patients’ families are:

The patient’s family is the support system of my patient and is concerned about the well-being of their loved one. They should be treated with patience and deserves to know what is going on.

  1. My fellow healthcare professionals are:

They are my team members and coworkers who should be treated with respect. Their knowledge is valuable and I should provide all the possible help to them.

  1. My own health is:

My own health is equally important and should also be cared for because that is what gives the energy which helps in providing the most efficient and effective care to patients which they need.


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