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Prevention of School Shootings

Prevention of School Shootings

Violence has taken over the whole world and the most highlighted happenings in recent times are shooting in schools. The shooting incident started in a 1764 Pennsylvania school. The year 2000-2014 recorded 86 shooting incidences (123helpme, n.d.) The role of the government, school security system, parents, and students can be crucial in response to the violence in schools. Different strategies opted by education institutes, students, and parents which can be upgraded to maintain the prevention more effectively.

The first preventive measure usually opted is the creation of a safe school ambiance to give the student a sense of relief and an environment free of violence. The solution is dependent on the schools to provide the interventions for a secure climate. Almost every school is aware of the violence by now, so the point is how much is effective the strategy of secured school and how can we make it more practical regarding planning. The solution to this is indulging students and parents as well; parents should indulge themselves in the process of questioning their children about how they feel in school. Or is there anything bothering or any bullying incidents in school? Parents should share such information with kids to train them mentally for any challenging situation. (NASP, n.d.)

Educators of the institute take responsibility for student behavior analysis as a preventive measure. Teachers training regarding security protocol and active civilian approach is beneficial. The teachers should address students to report about any behavioral turbulences, school bullying, or unpredictable mental disorders from any of the school members. (Proulx, 2018) This strategy would act as an indicator of the emergence of any violent signs that would lead to future school crimes.

Guns, razors, and other weapons were used by the children as a means of power and command among groups. It is the major cause of school shootings. Students should check for weapons, and strict policies must be implemented to eradicate the presence of a gun inside the premise, as well as in student’s life.68 percent of the shooters in schools carry guns from home. The solution to this issue is to organize security equivalent to an airport security system with a metal detection system to keep the guns out of reach. (Warnick, 2018)

The education institutes should implement the policies for the educators to create a system that would not only transform the students as learners but also give them the vision to identify the harm and to be aware of the security protocol for the reporting of any security issue inside the institute. The responsibility of every person would add up to the whole security system against school shootings in relevance to prevention planning.


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