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In his article, Catherine Besley gives his opinion concerning revenge plays. She uses various work to explain his idea that most of the plays that contain the theme of tragedy usually include some revenge in them. It is often revenge by characters own initiative or retaliation by work of the heavens. She further explains that seeking revenge is not justice but deciding whether to seek revenge or not depends on an individual’s conscience or law. She starts writing her article by demonstrating how the act of seeking justice or revenge begins. She states that once a leader or a person who is regarded in the society as a person of higher rank becomes an oppressor that’s when people starts to seek the justice that has been lost. She gives examples by connecting the Hamlet to the” revenger’s tragedy”, providing clear indication that the sovereign is himself a criminal. In Hamlet, King Claudius killed the previous king for him to ascend to the throne. The idea behind this story demonstrates that revenge is not justice. She further states that an individual who seeks revenge is always in conflict with his conscience and thoughts. Although peoples are allowed to have particular minor disobedience killing is not usually among them. This causes friction of conscience to the king who avenged, therefore, making him a coward. I agree with Catherine Besleys comment on the hamlet. This is because there is always a conflict between people who are the upper class and the lower class as has been demonstrated by the Hamlet. Secondly is that in reality most of the people in the top level have dramatic interest in power and authority. All acts of revenge have a different ending, but there is always a better way to deal with issues as demonstrated. Further in real life acting with rationality rather than impulse sometimes leads to superior ends as shown by the hamlet.



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