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Political Data Analysis Essay

Every country passes laws and regulations that govern their country thus preventing political chaos. In a common political set up people have many rights and freedom which sometimes results in crises. Some political leaders only care about themselves thus forgetting the citizens who voted them into power. In the United States of America, there are two major political parties: Democratic Party and Republican Party. In America, political leaders pass laws restricting abortion and guns meaning owning a firearm and carrying out an abortion is legal.

R program helps in data analysis to determine the percentage and rank, of guns and abortion laws by Republicans, even and Democratic political parties. R program has `command’ which contains search options helping a person find something fast. The project’s basic manual is programmed in excellent sections that are simple to understand and use. `Contributed docs’ is an external document that covers R in different aspects of languages. `R-help mailing list archives’ help in keyword searches and sentences in the vast pile of information in the program mailing list. Google supports the R- program. Currently, the wiki is useful as it contains a lot of essential codes for data analysis. R graph gallery helps a person to establish systems used to generate various plot types. All data entries relating to R and the keyword use are through Reek. Plots from the R packages presentation are through R Graphic Manual. R-studio is an integrated development environment for the R program.

Analyzing data through the use of program R help people to understand the political setup of the Republican and Democratic parties. Leaders govern a country differently which is determined by their agendas and personality. Civilians react differently to laws and regulations leaders draft and implement. Chaos is sometimes experienced in case citizens are unhappy with government decisions. Restriction of guns and abortion is useful as it prevents the death of many people in the country.



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