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Plautus specialized in Greek humor which gave him great popularity as they were specifically for the roman audience. Plautus wrote work of humor in an age when no comedy existed and Terence having come later after Plautus was dead was able to learn from what had been written and develop his work of humor quite deep from them.

The plots used by Plautus and Terence differ from each other. The work of Terence is better plotted than Plautus’ work. Terence had the capability to employ double plot which was good as it made him able to give a better vision of his characters to us. Plautus never places much emphasis on plot by used plot as a pathway to creating humor in his writings. With that Plautus only targeted for his audience to laugh by not expect something specific from him.

Both Plautus and Terence never concentrated much on the characters in the work they mainly used stock characters. Plautus uses character traits to bring an understanding of his characters to the audience. For instance in one occurrence he uses a flattery on a character to give a picture of his work. To create humor in his work Plautus places emphasis on some characters more than others. He even goes further by magnifying others so that he can make his audience laugh more. Terence’s way of bringing out characters is different to that of Plautus as he is more concentrated on creating individualistic characters whereby there are distinct lines between the character traits in his work.

Plautus and Terence were the greatest writer of humor in the times though in different ways. The work of Plautus entertained people of his time a lot but was not able to stand the test of time as they were shallow. Terence on the other hand wrote work that was deep and can still have appeal to the present day people as they portrayed a great understanding of people.



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