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Planning Group Counseling Case Study

The patient is 55 years old and has borderline personality disorder as well as Major Depressive Disorder. It is a mental illness in which she has the following problems.

  • Addiction issues
  • Strokes her family
  • Stopped taking medication
  • Utilizes high dosages of alcohol and drugs
  • Highly depressed
  • Oversleeps and over-rests
  • Unsocial and isolated

It is highly required to help her out as currently, she is willing to take any kind of therapy and is open to joining any appropriate groups.


The major goals would be the symptoms of being overtired and feeling depressed would be completely eliminated. Moreover. The patient would start socializing and the isolation will be decreased completely. The improvement of health would also be an important factor and the building of motivation is the main goal by engaging patients in social groups.


The main objectives are to make the patient accept the changes which are about to occur in her life due to the therapies. Moreover, it is also required to have dialogue that focuses on reality rather than always being in the bed. The objectives of the treatment and therapies would include interpersonal skills improvement, enhancement of emotions, and observance without any reaction. It will help the doctors to create a livelihood in the patient.

Group therapy 1

One of the most effective therapy would be psychotherapy in the group setting. Therapist-led group sessions would be conducted in which the patient will be slowly involved interacting with others. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is one of the best therapy in which the patient is supposed to control intensive emotions, improve relationships, and reduce self-destructive behavior. Breathing exercises and yoga would help a lot and this kind of group would be highly beneficial.

Potential benefit

The potential of DBT is that it provides mindfulness, focus improvement, activeness, and regulating emotions. These improvements will make the patient’s mind open to understand and feel the details around her and she will question things and events. The meaning of this phrase is that she will become a normal person.

Potential drawback

There are potential drawbacks to this therapy in which if it is implemented completely on the first day will the patient to get the cure will completely die. Afterward, there would be no use of engaging the patient in the therapy because in his alone time she will start practicing her destructive habits in which over-resting and drugs would be listed.

Group therapy 2

Since the patient has problems with isolation and having over resting would be required to have adjuvant therapy. In this therapy, the patient will have adjuvant care which means the patient will have an assistant who will take extra care of her. This patient is above 50 years old and at this age, she will not be left alone so he will find someone to talk to, share her feelings and discuss her hopes for life.

Potential benefit

The benefits will be long-lasting, as the therapy would be succeeded, the patient will not be able to live alone and will definitely final social connections and will get back to a normal life which is necessary for her to live like a social person.

Potential drawback

The patient will feel tired and would not be able to keep the therapy. Her sleeping habits will be changed which would cause difficulty for her to keep normal and would insult the person who is performing the therapy.


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