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According to the journal, Pinterest has become a very significant player in social media platforms because it has millions of users. Women are said to have the highest percentage of social media platforms, and most of them have children (Rachel Huber, pg 1). That means Pinterest has a very significant role to play in the world of education (Rachel Huber, Pg 2). Early childhood teachers cannot ignore the importance of technology in educating the young ones. Pinterest provides a lot of ideas that early childhood teachers can acquire. There are very many theme activities on Pinterest boards and pins. Various boards teach early childhood teachers on how to teach various alphabets using various activities (Rachel Huber, pg4). According to the journal, many educators are turning to the use of social media to connect with their colleagues and share teaching resources. By use of Pinterest, an early childhood teacher can learn new ideas some of which he was not taught in class. Pinterest is preferable than Twitter or Facebook when it comes to education. This is because it is a powerful tool one can use to reach another colleague worldwide. When an individual types a word in the search bar he is capable of getting many great ideas from all over the world (Rachel Huber, 5). Unlike Facebook where an individual connects with family and friends, Pinterest helps an individual to connect with people who have similar ideas and interest. Pinterest is an educational hub because it contains boards and pins where individuals can learn a lot of ideas (Rachel Huber pg 3). Another advantage of Pinterest is that it is a visual tool. Therefore, a person can be able to learn a lot of creativity and ideas. The journal uses both similes and metaphor this is because it compares Pinterest and other social media platforms. The journal provides areas in which future research can be carried out ( Rachel Huber, pg 3). It gives enough evidence on the importance of Pinterest and other social media platform in early childhood education.

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