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Pillars of Safety Management

The website of choice and that gives support to the safety management pillars is I feel that the site has all it is required when concerning the four management pillars. The website has its way of supporting the learning objective where it describes all four pillars. Safety policy of the first pillar; the senior management are responsible for meeting the pillar where they formulate methods, procedures, and improve the organizational structure aimed at achieving the safety goals. Transparency is also a key thing in the management.

This pillar is prominent is my workplace where it is represented by the use of an Air Force Instruction (AFI) that is dedicated to safety. There are also other AFIs serving different departments. They serve the role of establishing clear safety policies and objectives. They detail what every employee must work towards achieving the purposes of the safety program.

Safety Risk Management (SRM) is the second; it highlights the importance of controlling risk and the appropriateness of new controls. It is a five steps process that evaluates the safety of an operation to determine the various ways of reducing instances of a risk. Air Force explains the process of Operational Risk Management (ORM).

Safety assurance is the third; it gives an evaluation of the installed risk management strategies and offers ways of identifying new hazards. The pillar ensures that that system is updated through audits and assessments.

Safety promotion of the last pillar; various processes are included such as communications, training among others. The component makes sure that safety culture prevails within the organization’s personnel. The pillar also validates that workers skills match the requirements of there area of operation.

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