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Being a member of the community, I have some responsibility for which I am planning to broaden my goals in which the most long term goal I have in my life is learning, earn and deliver. We are all humans living in this world have a life cycle, and surely one day we have to die. Before going to the graveyard, I want to do three things which I mentioned. Leaning is the process which never stops, and we all learn everything academically, professionally and from the surrounding in which I want to capacitate myself.  I want to earn good money, so I can be resourceful for the nation and contribute to nation tax and living a good life so I could be saved from the diseases like poverty and homelessness. I want to live a life after life for which I will deliver my learning to the community through educating them concerning be productive in their life.

The subject I chose is economic development which is one of the emerging fields from past years. The economic development is having a mixture of the money and sustainability to understand the real factors due to which countries are developed or developing. I want to develop the understanding of the linkage between the economics and development with the real aspect defined under different theorist and economist. With the help of this subject, I would be able to approach the reputed organization for the job where I would be able to boost my professional learning.



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Porter’s Five Forces

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