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Personal Statement And Admission

I have chosen to study nursing because I think this is a career opportunity where training never ends and enables me to enhance my caring skills and further extend my academic knowledge. I feel this is the right course for me to help people and gain more knowledge and information from doctors and patients as well.

While doing an associate degree in pre-nursing, I also participated in extracurricular activities such as going to hospitals and observing diseases caused by many problems. I participated in discussions and events that reflected student opinions. Due to most of the training, my communication skills and patience have been improved, and I also applied my experience while understanding the problems of others. My confidence had grown well. Before, I was not a confident person.

But soon, I realized that only taking nursing courses was not enough for me to establish my aims, so I decided to do a bachelor’s degree in health administration because growing up, I saw so many illnesses and deaths related to lack of potable water and West Africa (Mali) has been facing many problems related to the potable water, where desertification, deforestation, soil erosion and inadequate supplies of potable water are serious issues. So, after seeing these conditions, I have always wanted to become a professional who would enable me to utilize my skills and knowledge for the people affected by these causes. The environment around us has a great impact on our health and each part of our lives. Have you not heard about that many people having difficulty breathing just because of air pollution? Have you not heard about people getting sick because of water pollution? I was born and raised in West Africa (Mali). So, these facts develop my interest in environmental health.

In my opinion, environmental health is very much an interdisciplinary field of study. I believe that the course would be the ideal starting point for my career, through which I can then go on to pursue environmental health as a career, whether in the private or public sector. Professionals would have scientific and theoretical knowledge of health issues.

I believe that my previous work, study experiences, and current work demonstrated my ability to succeed in graduation and post-graduation. My current study in health administration has helped me to develop a highly logical and analytical mind and is suitable for the demands of evaluating complex information, a skill that is important for environmental health practitioners. My previous courses have helped me develop communication, problem-solving, and managerial skills.

In recent years, I have also had a chance to make use of my leisure time to learn more about environmental health questions. For example, I have seen that the use of excessive seafood and rice provides a great understanding of health issues, and air pollution affects all living things on earth, from plants to animals to humans. A naturally occurring process of soil erosion affects the landforms in Mali.

I would love to have the opportunity to complete my bachelor’s and take most of the courses related to environmental health. I would like to go back to my country and help the population from environmental hazards by providing many nursing treatments and deployment of health hygiene, which can reduce many diseases. I am highly able to organize my time and study more about environmental health along with some other activities. I would love the opportunity to study in this field and have a chance to develop as an individual.



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