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Personal Assessment

Human nature and instincts are made to persuade and accelerate a man toward progress in a step-by-step method. The stoppage or stagnation is the name of death irrespective of breathing or non-breathing phenomenon by us. To tread on the path of glory with marks of excellence needs us to examine ourselves with honesty. Suppose we summarize the whole phenomenon in our convenient language. In that case, we can divide it between planning our goals, knowing our strong and weak points, and finally make a full-fledged strategy to polish our strengths and get rid of our weaknesses. Such personal assessment must be based on reality and honesty with a high mark of satisfaction. As far as my personal assessment is concerned, it goes as follows:


My ambition and goal for the next 5-7 years are to be a top position bearer in a high-ranked healthcare company. I see myself as a holder of the top managerial and administrative post where the environment can polish my capabilities by leaps and bounds. I wish to explore new horizons in these dimensions by gaining new experiences, excellent improvement of performance, incredible monetary benefits in alliance with the service of humanity.

As far as my academic goal in the next 3-5 years is concerned, I wish to accomplish my postgraduate studies in the discipline of healthcare management. My main aim in this regard is to explore my professional knowledge and training in lines of excellence, acquiring and discovering new dimensions, and ensure betterment in the field of my choice.


My main strengths include problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, leadership skills, accountability, and reliability. The course has provided me an opportunity to practice my conflict resolution skills among all the stakeholders. I solved numerous problems of multiple personals by polishing my leadership skills. I feel more accountable on my part concerning managerial works and norms.

Areas to Improve

The main area that needs improvement is the leadership skills circle. I wish to improve this area with significant marks in addition to crucial decision-making. Besides that, self-accountability and the ability to make others accountable are areas that need improvement to achieve my goals. I am a reliable person, but having trust in others’ manifold sometimes creates many difficulties that should be improved.

Taking responsibility and doing volunteer works with full zeal and zest are the main strategic ideas to improve the above-said areas. Rigorous training and seeking guidance from seniors in this field can bestow fruitful results in this regard. Last but not least, struggle and work hard are fundamental strategies to improve the above-said areas and improve shortcomings.

My Mission

My overarching purpose motivation is my family and my children in achieving my set goals and targets. Other than human services, my main focus and desire are my children. I wish my children could lead such a wonderful life that is not full of difficulties, hardships, unwanted struggle, and bitterness. I dream that my family feels much proud of me due to my success in life, and I earn a good name for them. I would like to know my children’s future generation that nothing is impossible in this world with hard work, dedication, and devotion. I wish to leave a lightening path and marks for them to tread on towards the destination of dignity, glory, success, and prosperity, which is life-lasting. And I wish all my missions accomplish in life.



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