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Parallels in Eckhart’s Writings and Other Readings

There are various things concepts in Eckhart’s writings that are in line with other religious writings. For instance, the concept of God’s existence in people’s souls. In many writings, it is specified that our souls should be clean in order to be able to attain eternal life. This is where we find that God is not interested in our physical appearance but rather in our hearts. In other writings, it is written that our bodies are temples of God. In the selected Eckhart writing, he says that hating on God breaks our relationship with him.

There is also recognition of God as a superior being. Eckhart emphases that that human being must recognize God in his true form so that they may overcome any obstacle. In other writings, God has attributes like being the guider and the protector. This shows that in both cases human being must be guided by God, the creator in order to have a good life on earth.

The concept of an undivided soul uniting with God is also found in other writings. In some books, it is written that one has to make a personal decision and follow God without looking back.

My favorite chapter is Eckhart 44. Which states that for God to enter into a person, that person needs to strip himself/ herself of everything. I like this chapter because it is a two-way traffic. God is only willing to get into one’s life after one decides to give up everything. This includes the entire life, together with the earthly possessions, which must be given up to God, who will take care of it. I find it interesting since it appears like a law. Yes, one has to accept and do exactly what God wants without compromising so as to get the fruits.



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