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Pain and Grief in Life Essay

Pain and grief all go together since they are part of the human life. In life, there must be ups and downs. Grief’s are in many ways, captivity, death, afflictions, poverty and others. Pain did not start in the late century, it was there since this earth was created. Historical books in the bible shows how Israel and other nations faced pain during those ancient times, it is also the same thing happening in the current generation. Since pain is a must happen thing, there are ways in which people express pain.

The people of ancient Israel suffered a lot as explained in the book of lamentation and psalms. During those times, there were wars between nations in fight for power and land. Kings were greed and wanted to control more land to gain more power so that they were to be recognized in the whole world. Lord God was the one in control of the Israel in those days. Israel was God own nation. However, Israel was corrupt and sinful with full of transgression. God was angry and He punished them by making sure their enemies overpowered them in war so that later to be taken to captive and they land and places of worship destroyed.

There are ways the people of Israel expressed their pain. In the books, it is shown that they used to sing their cultural songs (ZION) at the same time crying.

The book of Lamentations and Psalms served their purpose during the ancient Israel. The two books were there to remind people of the thrash of God when they sinned towards Him. The two books contain many teachings which were to make people of Israel walk in the righteous ways.

In the culture today, people express grief’s in different forms. People have lost ways, pain is expressed in the wrong ways. People use fights, killing to express pain. Revenge is the main play. Crying is also one of the common ladies mostly to females.

People tend to contain pain due to various reasons. One of the main reason is that they don’t want to be embarrassed. People don’t like others reading their life. In the current generation people live on their own.

In conclusion, pain is a must happen scenario. Crying was and is one of the ways people express pain. The culture has change, vengeance is in people. Pain is not a lovely thing, people contain it to hide their life from the public.



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