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Organizational Culture and Creativity

My company’s corporate culture is the networked structure that encourages more sociability and discourages solidarity. The company that I work for encourages friendly and effective relations among employers or between employees and customers. There are several advantages and disadvantages of using this type of organizational culture. This type of culture encourages employees to work together for a common goal. It also helps build a good relationship with customers who later come back if they are satisfied with the service provided. Sociability plays a major role in keeping the team spirit high. It also helps promote respect among employees and also encourage a higher level of interaction. Despite this type of organizational structure having several advantages, there is also its negative side. Sociability promotes a lot of talk and gossip among employees during work hours meaning that it lowers production. Employees also face a hard time agreeing to a common agenda to be enforced by the manager.

I work at a McDonald’s restaurant in my hometown. The organizational culture of the McDonald’s is to support functional efficiency that in turn maximizes productivity. McDonald’s corporate culture also enhances the quality of service provided. McDonald’s corporate culture emphasizes the development of human resource and efficiency. The characteristics of the McDonald’s organizational culture include: it is people-centered, encourages individual learning, encourages organizational learning, inclusion, and diversity. This type of organizational culture is known as the networked culture. McDonald’s policies promote the cooperation of achieving a common good.

Facebook Inc. utilizes its corporate structure to encourage both innovation and creativity. Facebook Inc. makes use of its organizational culture to create human resources that are highly capable and to gain an advantage over its competitors. Facebook Inc. refers to its organizational culture as hacker culture. This hacker culture encourages employees to aim for improvement.

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