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Opposition Paragraph Topic: Global Poverty

In the struggle against global poverty, there have been many opinions and opposing arguments, admittedly there is a chance that overcoming global poverty will become increasingly difficult as we get closer to eliminating it. There will be a need to completely eradicate global conflicts, make sure that daily income does not fall under 1.25 dollars, avoid rescission in poor countries and sustain high rates of economic growth. For all of this to happen, many big companies would have to pitch in with the government and suffer massive losses. It is not wrong to assume that individual and privately-owned companies will not be inclined to face such massive loss of revenue. It is also irrational to think that every country will put away their differences and end the conflict; they would rather go to war than end their conflicts. World Wars are a big example of it. So completely eradicating global poverty is a very unrealistic goal (Tanner, 2014).

Now, these concerns are relevant, however; we cannot forgo the possibilities created by advanced technology in eradicating global poverty, the biggest being the Internet. The Internet has given the general public a chance to create jobs for themselves by selling their services and products to the world. With the increase in need-based entrepreneurial ventures; there has also been an increase in jobs. The Internet has introduced new ways and niches of earning income which includes but are not limited to gaming, blogging, video content-making, remote jobs, selling services and products. One of the biggest job markets is freelancing, which came into existence due to the internet and it has contributed greatly to the decrease of unemployment and giving people a chance to earn while working from home. Countries with an increase in freelancing have observed economic growth and predict to improve more in the future (Amorós et al., 2021). Furthermore, with every passing year, the World will change and technology will progress; this will serve in providing people with better quality of life and give them equal opportunities in making their lives better. It is not wrong to assume that these technologies will help in eradicating global poverty and bring global equality.


Amorós, J. E., Ramírez, L. M., Rodríguez-Aceves, L., & Ruiz, L. E. (2021). Revisiting poverty and entrepreneurship in developing countries. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 26(02), 2150008.

Tanner, J. (2014, March 11). “Ending world poverty is an unrealistic goal.” The Guardian.



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