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One-Day Menu for a Healthy College Student

Taking healthy food is important for a college student. Here is the diet plan that a healthy college student follows during his day.

Breakfast meal: fruits and Vegetable egg muffins

Snack 1: Granola and Yogurt

Lunch: Avocado Bowl, Black Bean, and Baked sweet potato chips

Snack 2: Hummus and Vegetables

Dinner: Green beans with Ground Turkey Skillet

Snack 3: Chocolate Tea Smoothie

When a young college student takes a healthy diet as described above, he takes approximately 2000 calories in a day. With little adjustments of using less bread and taking more fruits and vegetables, this can be made balanced. An adult does not need 2000 calories on a daily basis. Therefore, here is the plan of Vegetarian that is made by keeping in mind all the standards. It will help in making a balanced plan of diet for the better health of college students.

One-day vegan menu for a healthy college student

Taking a balanced diet is important for a college student. For that purpose, the vegan plate is made that contains grains, fruits, veggies, legumes, calcium-rich food, nuts, and seeds to cater all the needs of the human body (Knutson). When a person is taking vegan menu a day, he should take some of the elements every day so that a better diet plan can be formed. One-day vegan menu for a healthy college student is as follows.

  • A Variety of fruits in the form of dessert and snacks.
  • Raw and cooked vegetables.
  • Digestives include yogurt and apple cider vinegar.
  • Healthy fats include avocado and seeds.
  • Proteins such as healthy plants.
  • Whole grain and starch including brown rice and whole grain.

These things make a total of about 1500 calories.

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