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Ohio Insurance Group LLC Auto Insurance

We at Ohio Insurance Group LLC understand the value and importance of your vehicle and the risks involved in driving. You never know when your car will be involved in a road accident or destroy someone else’s property. We provide comprehensive auto insurance in Ohio to protect you against various uncertainties associated being a car owner.

Our agreement is binding, and we shall be by your side when the worst happens. Our auto insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for liability, property damage, and medical costs. We shall also pay your legal fee if your vehicle is involved in an accident of destroys someone else’s property and the matter ends up in court.

What Do We Cover?

Our auto insurance policy covers the following aspects:

Personal Injury Protection

Our personal injury protection policy caters for the medical bills that come up after treating injuries sustained by you or your passengers when your car is involved in an accident. We ensure that you don’t incur the high medical costs when you injure yourself or another driver in an accident. Our personal protection policy also covers any lost wages as a result of the vehicle accident.

Comprehensive Coverage Policy

The comprehensive coverage policy is specially designed to cater for any losses sustained as a result of theft or damage to your car. This policy will only be triggered if the cause of the damage isn’t a collision since we have a separate collision policy. The damage can be as a result of floods, explosions, earthquakes, or vandalism.


We shall also meet the cost of repairing your car if you’re involved in a collision with another vehicle or objects such as a tree or electric post. We shall repair your vehicle even if you’re the one at fault. The collision policy covers you while you’re driving in and beyond Ohio.

Are you looking for comprehensive auto insurance in Ohio? Contact Ohio Insurance Group LLC today for all of your insurance needs.



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